engenity, LLC

Welcome to engenity, LLC. We are a small entrepreneurial company dedicated to the design and development of application-specific electronic and electro-mechanical subsystems.


Our projects have included:

  • The SoliStat™, the most durable and reliable temperature control for DC circuits currently available.
  • A highly compact truck-cab heater designed and built for the United States Navy.
  • A hose heating system for diesel gensets, in conjunction with a major international diesel engine manufacturer.

Our flagship product is the SoliStat, which is available in the US through our American distributor, O.E.M. Heaters, and internationally through other distributors.


Our product line and our set of engineering solutions is under constant development, so if you're interested in what we have to offer, make sure to check this site for our latest news. If you're interested in a solution to an engineering problem like the ones we've solved, feel free to contact us anytime.